New Mob Voting at Minecon 2017!

New Mob Minecraft Voting

It’s official! A new mob will be added to Minecraft and you have the power to choose it! That’s right, the newest mob to be added to Minecraft will be voted in by Minecraft players like you!

New Mob Voting During Minecon 2017

Voting will take place on November 18, 2017 during Minecon 2017 (Minecon Earth). Players will be able to vote for the mob which they want added to the game during the virtual event. There are four mobs in total to choose from.

The mobs currently go by the uninspiring names A, B, C and D. Hoping for more detail to drive your decision? Check out the short videos about each mob that will be released on in the coming week.

How long will the new Mob be in Minecraft?

The new mob addition isn’t temporary! The mob which receives the most votes will be a permanent addition to Minecraft!

What about the unchosen Mobs?

According to Jens, unchosen mobs will never see the pixelated light of day. So, if you want to be a part of changing Minecraft forever, be sure to cast your vote!




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