Minecraft Windows 10 Edition to be released on Xbox One

Minecraft Xbox One Edition Project Scorpio

Minecraft is slated another big step forward, this time it is on Xbox One. Leveraging the Universal Windows Platform, the next version of Minecraft for the Xbox One will share the same codebase as Windows 10 Edition. This codebase is known as the Bedrock Codebase. This move also allows user to purchase the title once while playing it on various Windows 10 devices.

New Minecraft for Xbox One, Same Name

While it may seem a bit strange, one thing that will not change is the name. This new release will retain the same name as it’s predecessor, Minecraft Xbox One Edition. The game release is anticipated to be launched alongside Microsoft’s next-generation console dubbed Project Scorpio.

E3 to Provide a Sneak Peak

Next month’s E3 should bring more details about the new version of Minecraft to light according to website MSPowerUser. E3 takes place. E3 2017 is from Tuesday, June 13th though Thursday, June 15th, 2017. With the new Xbox One version being a carryover from Windows 10, it’s highly likely that the title will be shown at E3.

New Xbox One Edition 1-to-1 with the Minecraft Windows 10/Pocket Edition Family

While details are still thin, prevailing comments seem to indicate that the new Xbox One Edition will share parity with the rest of the Windows 10 and Pocket Edition versions. What we’ve read sounds as though all the main aspects of the game that are in Windows 10 Edition will also be present. That would indicate a massive step forward in cross-platform compatibility.

What About Minecraft: Xbox One Edition World Size?

One area that may not be a direct carry over from the Windows 10 Edition may be world size. Historically world size has been limited on consoles. But, that isn’t a given. With Project Scorpio’s specs indicating an onboard terrabyte of storage, it would seem that storage space wouldn’t be holding things back. And, clearly the processing power, GPU and throughput of the future console are far beyond what you’d find in most Windows 10 computers, never mind mobile devices.

World Generation Seed Compatibility

One thing we’ve loved as Microsoft Studios have pushed the Minecraft franchise forward is how aspects of the game now work between platforms. Of course, world generation seeds, and seeds for Minecraft PE are what we’re highly interested in here. Again, with this being a Universal Windows Platform title, we’re inclined to think that seeds for any other version of the Windows 10 and Pocket Edition family will work the same on this new version. Time will tell, but we are hopeful.

About Project Scorpio

Some details about Project Scorpio are available on Microsoft’s Xbox website. The capabilities being put into this gaming platform are at the edge of the envelope. The single page on the Xbox site reads:

The most powerful console ever, featuring 6 Teraflops of graphical processing power, true 4K gaming, and compatibility with Xbox One games and accessories.

Specification listed on the site include:

  • 6 teraflop GPU
  • 2.3 GHz CPU
  • 12 GB GDDR 5 memory
  • 326 GB/s memory bandwidth
  • 1 TB HDD
  • Advanced liquid cooling “Vapor Chamber”
  • Centrifugual Cooling Fan for maximum cooling with minimal noise
  • 4K gaming, UHD, Blu-ray and DVD

Microsoft also features a video with perspectives from both hardware developers and game developers working on the platform. That video can be viewed below.


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