Minecraft PE 1.0.7 and Fallout Mash-up Pack Download

Minecraft PE 1.0.7 Available for Download

The latest update to Minecraft PE, version 1.0.7, was made available for download today for all existing owners of Pocket Edition on iOS, Android, Windows 10 and Apple TV. On the official Minecraft site, the rollout focused on new downloadable content, the Fallout Mash-up Pack. Seeds have not been changed, so Minecraft PE 1.0.7 seeds are the same as those for the rest of the 1.0 family.

Fallout Mash-up Pack

The Fallout Mashup Pack is a ‘post-apocalyptic’ addition to the growing collection of mashups available for Minecraft PE. The addition of this downloadable content was described in the release blog post.

As with the console release, the mash-up pack brings a total overhaul of the game’s textures, turning the glorious greenery of the overworld into a blasted wasteland. But life goes on! Heavily mutated life, at any rate: two-headed cows, gruesome ghouls and outsized scorpions are among the mobs you’ll find roaming the blasted landscape. – Minecraft.net

Minecraft PE 1.0.7 Fallout Mash-up Pack

The Minecraft PE 1.0.7 Fallout Mash-up Pack includes all new textures and 44 new skins.

44 New Minecraft PE Skins Available

The Fallout Mash-up Pack also brings with it 44 new skins to choose from. All in-line with the Fallout theme, new skins include Nick Valentine, John Hancock and Jangles the Moon Monkey.

1.0.7 Bug Fixes

  • After a world with a texture/resource pack is uploaded to a Realm, the texture/resource pack is again displayed correctly. This also fixes the health & hunger bars
  • Crashes shouldn’t cause you to lose a lot of your progress anymore
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a mob effect that doesn’t exist is applied to a melee attack using Add-On
  • Fixed several skins on the Festive mash-up pack that appeared corrupted
  • Fixed the quartz slab in the Candy texture pack
  • Fixed the screen getting cut-off on smaller screens for the Redstone Mansion store description
  • Minecarts no longer bounce indefinitely on slime blocks
  • The Wither is now one of the paintings you can get!
  • TNT no longer does damage to a player if the TNT is in water

Tweaks in Version 1.0.7

  • Added a warning if a resource pack cannot find the textures list file

New Features in 1.0.7

  • Fallout Mash-up Pack including 44 new skins

Bug fixes, tweaks and new features were first posted on Minecraft.net.



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