Minecraft PE 1.1 Available for Download!

Minecraft PE 1.1 Download

Minecraft PE 1.1, The Discovery Update, is available for download for all platforms including Android, tvOS, iOS and Windows 10. The major update includes many new features, a slew of bug fixes and tweaks to some aspects of gameplay. Announced earlier today, the update is currently available on all North American App Stores.

Introducing Minecraft Marketplace

Announced months ago, the first real look at how the Minecraft Marketplace will work and what items will cost is by way of the 1.1 update. There are a handful of items that can be purchased including Skin Packs, Texture Packs, Worlds and Mash-up Packs.

Minecraft Marketplace

MCPE 1.1 features the Minecraft Marketplace.

All purchases are made with the new Minecraft currency, coins. Here’s a review of the price range of items that launched today:

  • Skin Packs – 310 to 490 coins (approximately $2 to $3 USD)
  • Texture Packs – 490 to 660 coins (approximately $3 to $4 USD)
  • Worlds – 160 to 1,170 coins (approximately $1 to $7 USD)
  • Mash-up Packs –  990 coins (approximately $6 USD)

Microsoft also released a video to introduce players to the Marketplace.

Woodland Mansions are Here!

The large Woodland Mansions that have created envy for mobile players are now included in Minecraft PE. Woodland Mansions are a rare generated structure that can only be found in roofed forest biomes.

Woodland Mansion

The interior of a Woodland Mansion, new in version 1.1.

We’ll have some Pocket Edition Woodland Mansion seeds soon so you can check them out without having to stray too far from the game spawn point.

New Mobs, Blocks and More

Minecraft PE 1.1 adds plenty of new things to find, create and try. Players can now enchant Frostwalking and Mending as well as smelting iron.  Pocket Edition now includes Shulker Boxes, Llamas, glazed terracotta blocks, concrete, dyable beds and more.

Skyrim Mash-up Pack

Skyrim fans will be pleased to know that the Skyrim Mash-up Pack was released with Minecraft PE 1.1. The Skyrim Mash-up Pack is not a free item, it costs 990 Minecraft Coins, the same price that previous Mash-up Packs have been set at.

Free Download of Minecraft PE 1.1

The Minecraft PE 1.1 update is a free download for all existing owners of Minecraft Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, and Apple TV Edition. To get the free update, simply visit the App Store for your device and operating system and perform an update. For those who don’t yet own the title, purchasing the title is obviously necessary.

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