Minecraft PE 1.0.5 BETA Changelog – Build 1

Minecraft PE 1.0.5 Beta 1 Changelog

We just got 1.0.4, but the Minecraft PE development team is hard at work on the Minecraft PE 1.0.5 beta, the latest in the Minecraft PE 1.0 family. If you’re a beta tester, grab the release and see what’s new. Everyone else will have to wait it out, unfortunately.

Among the most anticipated features is the addition of command blocks. And, with game rules becoming official, Add-Ons will get a new lease on life. There’s also several¬†new commands coming in the next release. Check out the entire changelog below.

New Features in Minecraft PE 1.0.5

  • Command blocks
  • Game rules
  • Minecart with command block
  • More commands
    • /clear
    • /difficulty
    • /effect
    • /gamerule
    • /me
    • /particle
    • /playsound
    • /replaceitem
    • /spreadplayers
    • /stopsound
    • /testfor
    • /title

Tweaks Coming in MCPE 1.0.5

  • Accuracy of fireball shots from ghasts is now correct.
  • Jump range of magma cubes fixed to correct value.
  • Lapis lazuli icon now in enchanting tables.
  • Magnifying glass no longer appears over entered text in the Storage manager.

Minecraft PE 1.0.5 Bug Fixes:

  • Clients can no longer change world settings when far away from the host.
  • Controller now works for scrolling on Apple TV. (Apple TV only)
  • Enchanted books again generate properly according to loot tables in dungeons/temples.
  • End_portal is now listed as a valid block for the /fill command.
  • Endermen again have idle sounds.
  • Finally fixed the villagers & peaceful mobs despawning randomly bug!
  • Fixed a crash on Realms when changing difficulty.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when a command with targets was executed.
  • Fixed a crash that happened sometimes when a player incorrectly used the /kill command.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when a mob died.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when a player deleted content through the Storage manager.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting the Choose New Skin button. (Gear VR only)
  • Fixed a crash when trying to share a file after selecting cancel when trying to share previously.
  • Fixed a crash which happened when loading some worlds.
  • Fixed another bug that made chat messages appear twice in game chat.
  • Fixed packs sometimes being deleted after importing.
  • Fixed various issues with Storage.
  • Global resource packs should no longer be deactivated when creating a new world or relaunching the game (Android & Fire only).
  • Help command now displays command description.
  • Hostile mob spawning rules no longer ignore the Y coordinate.
  • Mobs moving between chunk borders no longer despawn when a crash occurs.
  • Plants no longer stay in a player’s inventory after being placed in a flower pot.
  • Pots are now getting the correct color for tinted plants placed in them.
  • Rails, beds, and cocoa no longer leave behind “ghost” items when using the /fill command.
  • Slash commands now execute correctly even if the cursor is not at the end of the line.
  • The beacon’s position is now correct when held in a player’s hand.
  • The share button for a single item now appears in the Storage menu.
  • Toast notifications for Xbox Live invites should now appear. (iOS only)
  • Undead mobs again have their proper walking sounds.
  • When a player’s position shifts when reloading a world, players will no longer get trapped & suffocate inside blocks.
  • When the fill command is used to place blocks and then immediately destroy them, “phantom” blocks no longer appear.

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