Minecraft 1.2.2 Feature Overview [video]

Minecraft 1.2.2 Update

The Bedrock Edition, Minecraft 1.2.2 is available for download on all App stores. Before you fire up your Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS, Android or other compatible device get to know what’s new in 1.2.2! We’ve provided a list of all the updates made in this release below. But, we personally think watching SlicedLime’s Bedrock Edition video is easier and more fun.

Minecraft 1.2.2 Video Overview by slicedlime

You can’t deny the great job that YouTuber slicedlime does with these feature videos. Head over to his YouTube channel and follow him if you want to be among the first to see his latest videos.

Late to the 1.2 Party

If you’ve been away from Minecraft PE for awhile, you may not know that it is now simply called Minecraft. And, players on different devices can play together! Learn all about the Better Together Update!

Minecraft 1.2.2 Update

If you prefer reading, here’s the complete, official 1.2.2 changelog.

New Marketplace Content

Adventure Maps

  • Autumn Mini-Games Festival by Noxcrew
  • Wildlife: Savanna by PixelHeads


  • 12 Wonders Skin Pack by Toyaplays
  • Adventure Together by Pathway Studios
  • Autumn Festival by Noxcrew
  • Foodies by 57 Digital
  • Mineplex Heroes by Mineplex


  • Abstraction: GRID by Jigarbov
  • Forbidden Forest by Blockception
  • Silvermist by Pathway Studios
  • Wizard’s Retreat by Imagiverse

Bug Fixes

  • All firework rockets can now be taken from the Recipe Book without disappearing
  • Armors of the same type will now visually switch properly in armor slots on Classic UI
  • Chat and Active Status Effect screens will now open on the first press of d-pad buttons
  • Each player in split-screen now has appropriate lighting for the dimension they are in
  • Eggs thrown at other players will now cause knockback effect
  • Fixed a crash related to inputting and rendering text (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in the World Settings screen
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when joining servers
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading worlds
  • Fixed a crash when backing out from a menu using a controller if there was a setting toggled by touch or mouse/keyboard
  • Fixed a crash when signing out of the safe area screen after switching to a new profile (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed incorrect controller tooltips appearing on several menu screens
  • Fixed issue of Efficiency III diamond pickaxes not continually mining blocks that are fast to mine, such as netherrack
  • Fixed Old worlds crashing and taking too long to load
  • Fixed overlap issues with the Players Permission dropdown menu
  • Fixed the B Button not closing the settings menu when a slider is highlighted
  • Holding sneak and jump at the same time while flying will no longer drift slowly downward
  • Increased performance when navigating the main menu (Xbox One only)
  • Ladders placed on other ladders or slabs will no longer be invisible
  • Mending enchantment will now work properly with fishing rods
  • Mob heads can now be equipped if the stack contains more than one when using a touch screen
  • Pressing the left thumbstick will now toggle the Recipe Book on if it was closed
  • Realms invite links now appear (Xbox One only)
  • Recipe Book now updates properly when opening and the Craftable toggle is off
  • Redstone components no longer freeze or trigger when reloading a world
  • Redstone dust and components now properly show their active/inactive status
  • Resource packs are now applied to the main menu after restarting the game when the resource pack was previously added to Active Packs in the Global Resources menu
  • The cake is not a lie! On controller, the Recipe Book no longer says ingredients are missing when they are present in the inventory
  • Using commands or Pick Block to get Shulker boxes no longer displays the placeholder name

Minecraft 1.2.2 Seeds

Seeds have remained unchanged as the world render algorithm is stable in this upgrade. To be sure you’re selecting a seed that works, visit our Minecraft 1.2.2 seeds list!

How to get the Minecraft 1.2.2 Update

Not playing 1.2.2 yet? Well, what are you waiting for? If you own Minecraft (formerly Minecraft: Pocket Edition or Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition) you’re just minutes away from experiencing all that’s new!

Visit the App store for your compatible device and select the update option to download Minecraft 1.2.2.

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