Minecon 2017: It’s Virtual. Minecon Earth

Minecon 2017 - Minecon Earth

Every year since the first Minecon in Las Vegas, the event has grown larger each year. And, it seems the Mojang team finds a way to make every event just a bit cooler than the year before. This year, they’re taking a new approach. Minecon 2017 will take a retro focus.

Minecon 2017: Minecon Earth

What’s Minecon 2017’s unique approach? It’s to have a virtual event so all fans worldwide can share the same virtual experience. The event, called Minecon Earth, was announced on the official Minecraft site on August 8th. The 90-minute event itself is on November 18th, 2017 starting at 10:00pm (they didn’t indicate what time zone yet, however). Before you even grab a calendar, November 18th is a Saturday this year.

Minecon 2017 Events

There’s still IRL experiences for Minecon 2017!

Virtual Event – IRL Parties and Official Events

While a virtual event can be fun, it’s always more fun to be with other Minecrafters in person. The Minecon 2017 event team agrees, and their answer comes in the form of parties and Official Minecraft Community Events. Parties are simply self-organized viewing parties. Anyone can create on. Official Minecraft Community Events bring many aspects of previous Minecon events to life. They will be hosted by community partners and will feature YouTubers, costume contests and more.

Stay up-to-date on the official Minecon Earth page.



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