Minecon 2017 Livestream: Minecon Earth [VIDEO]

Minecon 2017: Minecon Earth Livestream Video

Did you catch it live? If not, never fear, the Minecon 2017 Livestream is available for your viewing pleasure. You can catch up on all the new features and functionality coming to Minecraft and see the results of the Mob Voting, and which new Mob will be added to the game!

We don’t want to wreck any surprises for anyone, so we’ll just turn things over to the recorded livestream:

Minecon 2017 Livestream: Minecon Earth


Minecon 2017: Success or Bust?

The idea behind Minecon 2017 was to host an entirely live event so everyone worldwide could participate and enjoy the show. What feedback would you have for the Minecon team? Was the online event a success, or do you prefer the IRL Minecons of years gone by?

Let us know what you think below!

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