Minecraft PE 1.2.1 Seeds

Minecraft PE 1.2.1 Seeds for all Better Together versions of Minecraft PE for iOS, Android, Windows 10 and Xbox One. Browse our entire list of Minecraft PE Seeds.

Exposed Dungeon at Spawn

Spawn beside an exposed dungeon on in this Minecraft seed for Bedrock and Pocket Edition players. What out for the mob spawner kicking out zombies!

Mountain Blacksmith Village and Witch Hut at Spawn

In this Minecraft PE Blacksmith Village Seed you spawn on the edge of a swamp biome with a witch hut offshore. Behind you, a mountainous blacksmith village!

Stronghold and Dungeon beneath Savanna Floor

Explore the stronghold and dungeon beneath a savanna village in this seed for Minecraft on iOS, Android, Windows 10 and Xbox One (Minecraft PE).

Ravine Seed with Village at Spawn [1.2+]

This Minecraft Ravine Seed has a ravine with a lava-filled floor just past a blacksmith village at the game spawn point. Ravines are in Minecraft 1.2+

Minecraft PE Snow City (Villages) by Spawn!

Fire up this Minecraft PE seed and within a minute of the game spawn point you'll be looking at a snow city (string of NPC villages)!