Minecraft PE 0.16.1 Seeds

Minecraft PE 0.16.1 Seeds for the mobile version of Minecraft, MCPE for iOS, Android, Windows 10, Fire OS, tvOS and Windows Phone. View all Minecraft PE Seeds.

Minecraft PE Snow City (Villages) by Spawn!

Fire up this Minecraft PE seed and within a minute of the game spawn point you'll be looking at a snow city (string of NPC villages)!

Dungeon Beneath Fishing Village

In this Pocket Edition Dungeon Seed you'll spawn in the middle of a fishing village. Dig beneath the village well for the dungeon!

2 Desert Temples, 2 Desert Villages, 1 Mineshaft!

This Pocket Edition Seed has 2 Desert Temples, 2 Desert Villages and an Abandoned Mineshaft! That means tons of great loot just blocks away from the game spawn point.

Massive Stronghold beneath Blacksmith Village

Explore the massive stronghold in this Minecraft: Pocket Edition seed. The stronghold is beneath a blacksmith village well at spawn.

The Villager’s Home Will Burn – MCPE Seed

In this Minecraft PE Village Seed a lava flow is sure to burn down a villager's home. Will you watch it burn or try to stop it the destruction?