Minecraft PE Village Seeds

Minecraft PE Village SeedsMinecraft PE Village Seeds for all versions of MCPE include a village at spawn. In Minecraft Pocket Edition villages are generated structures which are comprised of several houses and/or buildings. It is possible for multiple villages to be connected or to overlap. Sometimes called city seeds, village seeds are one of the most requested types of Minecraft PE Seeds we receive. Villages are relatively common in Minecraft PE. Which buildings and features a village has does vary, however. For example, villages may or may not have churches, butchers, libraries or blacksmiths. Village houses and farms can also vary in size. Villages also infrequently include lamp posts which are distributed throughout a village when present.

The Villager’s Home Will Burn – MCPE Seed

In this Minecraft PE Village Seed a lava flow is sure to burn down a villager's home. Will you watch it burn or try to stop it the destruction?

Savanna Blacksmith Village Seed for Pocket Edition

This Pocket Edition seed spawns you right by a savanna village that has a blacksmith. We found parts of a stronghold but not a complete one below.

Village with Iron and Horse Armor

A Minecraft PE village seed which spawns you at the outskirts of a blacksmith village which has horse armor, several iron items and iron ingots to loot.

Epic Spawn: Desert Village, Temple and Stronghold Seed

EPIC SPAWN Minecraft PE Seed: Desert Village/Desert Temple Glitch plus a Stronghold below! All at spawn! For Minecraft PE 0.15, 0.16 and 1.0+

Village at Spawn with Blacksmith Ore

The village at spawn in this Minecraft PE seed has a blacksmith with some great ore - both silver and goal loot to grab!