Minecraft PE Blacksmith Seeds

Minecraft PE Blacksmith Seeds for all Bedrock, Better Together and Pocket Editions of Minecraft for iOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox One and mobile devices. A blacksmith’s presence in a NPC village is variable. Village blacksmiths are often sought out by players for the loot in their chest which often includes iron items including armor and weapons. Blacksmith’s also provide an opportunity to take one or both of the furnaces present in their village building. Looking for a specific village type or different feature? Try our complete list of seeds for Minecraft PE.

Mountain Blacksmith Village and Witch Hut at Spawn

In this Minecraft PE Blacksmith Village Seed you spawn on the edge of a swamp biome with a witch hut offshore. Behind you, a mountainous blacksmith village!

Massive Stronghold beneath Blacksmith Village

Explore the massive stronghold in this Minecraft: Pocket Edition seed. The stronghold is beneath a blacksmith village well at spawn.

Desert Blacksmith Village Seed for MCPE

A Minecraft Pocket Edition desert blacksmith village seed that contains several iron items as well as a diamond. Biomes include desert and jungle.

Village at Spawn with Blacksmith Ore

The village at spawn in this Minecraft PE seed has a blacksmith with some great ore - both silver and goal loot to grab!

Blacksmith Village Seed by Mushroom Island

In this Minecraft PE Blacksmith Village seed you spawn in a unique position. Yes, you are within a few dozen blocks of a village with a blacksmith, but you’re …