Minecraft PE Stronghold Seeds

Minecraft PE Stronghold SeedsMinecraft PE Stronghold Seeds for all versions of MCPE. Strongholds are the rarest generated structure in the game. Generated underground, strongholds are difficult to find, and are often encountered by chance when mining. Strongholds can sometimes be found beneath village wells although the chances of one generating there are not high. Strongholds are some of the most sought after Minecraft PE Seeds.

Stronghold and Dungeon beneath Savanna Floor

Explore the stronghold and dungeon beneath a savanna village in this seed for Minecraft on iOS, Android, Windows 10 and Xbox One (Minecraft PE).

Stronghold Under Spawn Village MCPE Seed [1.0][1.1][1.2]

Spawn in a village which has a stronghold beneath it in this Minecraft Pocket Edition seed. Found on Minecraft PE 1.1 and also verified on version 1.0. This stronghold …

Massive Stronghold beneath Blacksmith Village

Explore the massive stronghold in this Minecraft: Pocket Edition seed. The stronghold is beneath a blacksmith village well at spawn.

Stronghold plus Abandoned Mineshaft Seed

Wow! The abandoned mineshaft in this Minecraft PE seeds is cool (we thought cool enough) but then we found it intersected with a stronghold, too! Check it out!

Easy Stronghold Minecraft PE Seed

This is a really easy stronghold seed for Minecraft PE. Spawn point is a few dozen blocks to a blacksmith village situated over the underground stronghold.