Minecraft PE Roofed Forest Seeds

Minecraft PE Roofed Forest Seeds for all versions of MCPE The dense cover of the dark oak trees that are the primary feature in this biome create a canopy that can allow mobs to spawn beneath their cover. The roofed forest biome also includes occasional large mushrooms. View the latest Seeds for Minecraft PE.

Woodland Mansion Seed with Mega-Mineshaft Below!

Spawn by a Woodland Mansion in this Minecraft: Pocket Edition seed then explore the mega mineshaft that is directly beneath it! A MCPEHQ fan submission and one of our …

Woodland Mansion Less than 700 Blocks from Spawn

In this Minecraft PE Woodland Mansion Seed the mansion is less than 700 blocks from the game spawn point. Head south east from spawn and visit the mansion!

Roofed Forest Village Seed

A dense roofed forest obfuscates the roofed forest village in this Minecraft PE seed. Found on 0.15.0. Compatible with 0.13, 0.14, 0.15, 0.16 and 1.0+

Roofed Forest by Request 0.14+

A Minecraft Pocket Edition roofed forest seed for Minecraft PE. The roofed forest biome is present right at the game spawn location.