Minecraft PE Ocean Seeds

Minecraft PE Ocean Seeds for all versions of MCPE, Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you’re looking for an ocean biome at the game spawn point, these are your seeds. View all Minecraft PE Seeds.

Fishing Village on Shaky Ground

Spawn on the edge of a Fishing Village in this Minecraft PE Village seed. The village has a blacksmith and something very interesting--caverns beneath the village.

Shipwreck Spawn Seed with Buried Treasure Map

This Minecraft PE (Bedrock Edition) Shipwreck Seed spawns you on an island that has a shipwreck (with a buried treasure map) directly offshore. For Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.4 and …

Desert Temple with Emeralds for Pocket Edition

A MCPE desert temple seed with emeralds (for trading with villagers in 1.0.4 or higher). For Minecraft PE version 0.15, 0.16, 1.0 and higher.

Easy Ocean Monument Seed

An easy ocean monument seed for Minecraft PE. Spawn with an ocean monument right off shore in this seed for Pocket Edition.

Ocean Monument Seed for Minecraft PE

An ocean monument seed where you spawn on an island with the ocean monument right offshore. For Minecraft PE 0.16, 1.0 and higher.