Survival Island Spawn with Ocean Monument

Ocean Monument - Night
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With Minecraft PE 0.16.0 one of the most awaited features was ocean monuments. This Pocket Edition seeds has one, and it is right at the game spawn point. Enter the seed ‘KO’ (in either game mode, creative or survival) to check it out.

The game spawn point is on a tough survival island which is barren for the most part. Depending on the sun’s position, the monument is either easy to spot or almost impossible. When you spawn it will be in your field of view, just off to the right a bit. We took a few screenshots and provided them below. We took a couple at night (which is when they look best). Elsewhere on the island we did stumble across a cave entrance that has exposed coal. We didn’t explore it further than looking at the entrance, however. We have checked this seed after the 1.1 update, and the monument is still present. It’s coordinates are 728, 79, 74.

Minecraft PE Ocean Monument Seed

  • Seed: KO
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, FireOS, Xbox One and Windows 10
  • World Type: Infinite
  • Tested on MCPE: 1.0.8
  • Minecraft PE Versions: 0.16.0, 0.16.1, 0.16.2, 1.0.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3, 1.0.4, 1.0.5, 1.0.6, 1.0.7, 1.0.8, 1.0.9, 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1.4, 1.1.5, 1.1.7
  • Minecraft Versions (Bedrock Edition): 1.2.0, 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3, 1.2.4, 1.2.5, 1.4.0, 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.4.3, 1.4.4, 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.5.3
  • Biomes at Spawn: Island, Ocean

MCPE Seed Features

  • An Ocean Monument at the Game Spawn Point

In-Game Screenshots

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