Minecraft PE Mineshaft Seeds

Minecraft PE Abandoned Mineshaft SeedsMinecraft PE Mineshaft Seeds for all versions of MCPE, Minecraft Pocket Edition. Each seed has a mineshaft at or near spawn. Abandoned Mineshafts usually generate underground although they can also be found above ground in Mesa biomes. Abandoned Mineshafts can overlap and join together forming large, complex underground structures. Within the Mineshaft’s rooms, stairs and corridors you can find valuable ore, gather resources from wooden parts of the structure, collect rails or simply explore. Any Minecraft PE Seed could have an Abandoned Mineshaft underground. The trick is finding where they are.

2 Desert Temples, 2 Desert Villages, 1 Mineshaft!

This Pocket Edition Seed has 2 Desert Temples, 2 Desert Villages and an Abandoned Mineshaft! That means tons of great loot just blocks away from the game spawn point.

Stronghold plus Abandoned Mineshaft Seed

Wow! The abandoned mineshaft in this Minecraft PE seeds is cool (we thought cool enough) but then we found it intersected with a stronghold, too! Check it out!

Bryce Mesa Mineshaft Rails Over Flower Forest Biome!

This is an incredible MCPE seed! Rails and a mob spawner from a mesa mineshaft have spewed out onto a flower forest biome's floor! A beautiful seed!

Mesa Biome and Exposed Mineshafts

Exploring the mesa biome at game spawn in this Minecraft PE seed you'll make your way to abandoned mineshafts with rails, surface gold and more!

Abandoned Mineshaft Beneath Village Well

Beneath the snow village at spawn you'll find an abandoned mineshaft with plenty of rails and exploration opportunities. For MCPE 0.15, 0.16 and 1.0+.