Minecraft PE End Portal Seeds

Minecraft PE End Portal SeedsMinecraft PE End Portal Seeds for all Bedrock, Better Together and Pocket Editions of Minecraft for iOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox One and mobile devices. End Portals can be found in a Stronghold’s End Portal Room.  Once fully implemented, activating an End Portal will transport a player to The End where the only way out is to defeat The Ender Dragon or die. End Portals are a rare find in Minecraft PE Seeds.

End Portal in the Desert for Pocket Edition

In this Minecraft PE End Portal Seed you'll get to the stronghold in minutes. Exploring it to locate the end portal - that might take longer. It's a big …

End Portal Seed for Pocket Edition [0.15][0.16][1.0]

An awesome Minecraft PE End Portal Seed which features the end portal in a stronghold directly beneath a village which is at spawn!

3x Village Spawn plus End Portal for Minecraft PE

Looking for an end portal? Here's one in a stronghold beneath the first of three villages. Minecraft PE End Portal seed for 0.14, 0.15, 0.16 and 1.0+

Stronghold Beneath Village Well [0.14][0.15][0.16][1.0]

Explore the stronghold beneath the spawn village's well in this Pocket Edition seed for all versions of Minecraft PE 0.14, 0.15, 0.16 and 1.0+.

Stronghold Village

A great stronghold village seed for Minecraft PE 0.13, 0.14, 0.15, 0.16 and 1.0. From spawn the village with the stronghold under the well is in plain site!