Minecraft PE Enchanted Book Seeds

Minecraft PE Enchanted Book Seeds for all Bedrock, Better Together and Pocket Editions of Minecraft for iOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox One and mobile devices. Browse the entire list of Pocket Edition seeds.

Exposed Dungeon at Spawn

Spawn beside an exposed dungeon on in this Minecraft seed for Bedrock and Pocket Edition players. What out for the mob spawner kicking out zombies!

Gold and Enchanted Books in Sand Temple

Steal the gold and enchanted books from the chests in the desert temple at the game spawn point in this Minecraft PE Seed!

2 Desert Temples + Desert Village Minecraft PE Seed

Two Desert Temples plus 1 Desert Village Minecraft PE Seed. Lots of loot including enchanted books, gold, iron and more! for MCPE 0.14 0.15 0.16 1.0

Mesa plus 5 Biomes and 1 Desert Temple at Spawn

Check out the desert temple in this Minecraft PE seed. Grab the chest loot, then chose a biome to explore: desert, mesa, jungle, savanna or plains!

Sharpness IV + 5 Enchanted Books MCPE Seed

Get a Sharpness IV Enchanted Book, plus 5 more in this Minecraft PE seed. For Minecraft PE 0.13+, 0.14+, 0.15+ and 0.16+