Minecraft PE Seeds

Minecraft PE seeds  for Minecraft Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition and AppleTV Edition by Mojang. In Minecraft and MCPE seeds are officially known as world generation seeds, but are almost exclusively simply called seeds or seed codes. Below are Minecraft PE seeds which are almost exclusively original. Each has been tested to work on the version(s) it is listed for and to have the feature(s) it is categorized for at spawn.

The Villager’s Home Will Burn – MCPE Seed

In this Minecraft PE Village Seed a lava flow is sure to burn down a villager's home. Will you watch it burn or try to stop it the destruction?

Dual-Biome City Seed for Pocket Edition

This Minecraft: Pocket Edition City Seed is on the smaller side, but a city nonetheless. The buildings that make up the city span across two different biomes, include from …

Minecraft PE Seed: Large Jungle Island

In this Minecraft PE seed you spawn on a cool, large jungle island. The island's center has mountainous regions and jungle trees close to the cloud layer.

Triple Desert Temple Seed for Pocket Edition!

A Triple Desert Temple Seed for Minecraft: Pocket Edition! There are three desert temples visible from spawn with tons of loot to grab!

Mesa with Easy Surface Gold Mining

Beyond being beautiful, this cool Mesa Seed for Minecraft: Pocket Edition has tons of exposed gold ore to mine in the mesa biome.