Minecraft PE Seeds

Minecraft PE seeds  for Minecraft Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition and AppleTV Edition by Mojang. In Minecraft and MCPE seeds are officially known as world generation seeds, but are almost exclusively simply called seeds or seed codes. Below are Minecraft PE seeds which are almost exclusively original. Each has been tested to work on the version(s) it is listed for and to have the feature(s) it is categorized for at spawn.

Desert Temple with Emeralds for Pocket Edition

A MCPE desert temple seed with emeralds (for trading with villagers in 1.0.4 or higher). For Minecraft PE version 0.15, 0.16, 1.0 and higher.

Lazy Village Construction Crew Seed

It seems as though the Minecraft PE village seed construction crew got a bit lazy when pulling this village together. Most of the buildings are 1/2 there!

Glitched Village

Check out the glitched village in this Minecraft PE seed. At game spawn there is a village that looks halfway built or halfway destroyed! For MCPE.

Bryce Mesa from Sunflower Plains Spawn

This Pocket Edition seed features a Bryce mesa biome and a sunflower plains biome at game spawn. There's also a birch forest and savanna nearby. For MCPE.

Blacksmith Village Seed by Mushroom Island

In this Minecraft PE Blacksmith Village seed you spawn in a unique position. Yes, you are within a few dozen blocks of a village with a blacksmith, but you’re …