Minecraft PE Seeds

Minecraft PE seeds  for Minecraft Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition and AppleTV Edition by Mojang. In Minecraft and MCPE seeds are officially known as world generation seeds, but are almost exclusively simply called seeds or seed codes. Below are Minecraft PE seeds which are almost exclusively original. Each has been tested to work on the version(s) it is listed for and to have the feature(s) it is categorized for at spawn.

Desert Blacksmith Village Seed for MCPE

A Minecraft Pocket Edition desert blacksmith village seed that contains several iron items as well as a diamond. Biomes include desert and jungle.

Bryce Mesa Mineshaft Rails Over Flower Forest Biome!

This is an incredible MCPE seed! Rails and a mob spawner from a mesa mineshaft have spewed out onto a flower forest biome's floor! A beautiful seed!

Survival Island Seed: One Oak Tree, One Birch Tree

This is as close as you get to a one tree survival island seed: a two tree survival island! One oak tree and one birch tree and deep ocean.

Majestic, Snow and Ice Spike Seed for MCPE

Spawn on in a majestic ice spike biome in this Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed. The snowy ice spike biome is flanked by a river and forest on each side.

Gold and Enchanted Books in Sand Temple

Steal the gold and enchanted books from the chests in the desert temple at the game spawn point in this Minecraft PE Seed!