MCPE Educator Seed Money GrantGiving Back to K-12 Educators

As a youth-focused and child-friendly website we wanted to give something back to an invaluable part of every community: those who educate our youth. With funding continually being cut back many educators resort to spending their own personal money to adequately provide their students with basic materials necessary for learning. Homeschoolers are faced with that same challenge. With that in mind we are proud to announce a financial gift program specifically for K-12 teachers and homeschoolers, the Educator Seed Money Grant.

Our Goal

To give back to the education community by providing educators (teachers and homeschoolers) a financial gift to aid in purchasing classroom supplies.

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The Annual Gifts: Two $500 Gifts each Fall

We will award one K-12 public school teacher and one K-12 home schooler in the United States with a one-time $500 financial gift each fall. The money is intended to be used to purchase educational supplies.


K-12 Public Teachers

  • Must be employed at a K-12 public school as a classroom teacher
  • Must reside and be teaching in the United States.
  • Must have been teaching for at least 6 months
  • Must have a class or classes taking place during the fall semester of the gift year
  • Must be able to communicate in writing how the $500 gift will aid you and your students
  • Must have an email address to receive communication regarding your application

K-12 Homeschoolers (Homeschooling Educators)

  • Must be homeschooling one or more students
  • Must reside and be homeschooling in the United States.
  • Must have been homeschooling for at least 6 months
  • Must be homeschooling during the fall semester of the gift year
  • Must be able to communicate in writing how the $500 gift will aid you and your students
  • Must have an email address to receive communication regarding your application

What the Application will Ask

The application process has been created to be as straightforward as possible. The questions in the application will include questions regarding:

  1. Your eligibility to receive the gift
  2. If awarded, how you envision using the gift money
  3. Your contact information to ensure communication regarding your application


How to Apply

Applications will be submitted online via a link to a Google Form. When the application process will open, close and when the gift will be awarded is covered in the ‘Important Dates’ section below.

The application process is currently open.

The 2017 grant admission, selection and reward period has concluded.

The Selection Process

The selection process will be completed by our internal staff. Applications will be accepted based upon completeness of the application as a minimum requirement, but awards will be made based upon expressed need.

How will the Gift Funds be Delivered

The recipients of a grant will be mailed a cashier’s check for the grant amount.

Important Dates – 2017

If you are interested in applying for the Educator Seed Money Grant for 2017 please make a note of the following important dates:

  • Application Process Opens: July 1, 2017 ✓
  • Application Process Ends: July 31, 2017 ✓
  • Selection Process: August 1-11, 2017 ✓
  • MCPE HQ Educator Seed Money Grant for 2017 Announced: August 14, 2017 ✓
  • Award Money Received: No later than August 28, 2017

Staying Up-to-Date

In the footer of our homepage we provide a link to the most up-to-date information regarding this program. Please refer to the homepage footer link titled “Helping Educators” as pages may be moved annually as well as during different phases of the application process.



For any relevant question that is asked we will provide an answer. All questions and answers that may be deemed helpful to all applicants will be posted with the few frequently asked questions we have compiled to-date.

If you have a question, please use our Contact Us form.