Minecraft: Pocket Edition is wildly popular with kids, but for parents, there’s often more questions than answers. Like any video game, there are aspects of the game that are great as well as aspects of the game that you might want your child to do without. Below we’ve compiled a list of sites that can help parents better understand Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Official Minecraft PE Website

  • Minecraft.net – Mojang and Microsoft Studios – This is the official website for both Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition. The information you’ll find here is a good look into the type of content your child is exposed to and what types of things are possible in the game.

ESRB Ratings and Parental Recommendations

The sites below are independent sources that review video games and media for age-appropriateness.

High-Level Parent Overviews and Guides

There are plenty of guides out there to get you up to speed on Minecraft PE from a parent’s perspective. Here are a few we’ve picked to point parents in the right direction.

More Detailed, Thorough Guides

The guides below dive deeper into specifics of Minecraft PE including getting started, gameplay and how to play with your child.

  • How do I get my kids started on Minecraft? A parents’ primer. – Cool Mom Tech – We highly recommend this article. This article provides a parent’s perspective on Minecraft (and Minecraft PE) including a succinct introduction to the game, different gameplay modes, concerns for parents, and all-around good, relevant information to help a parent understand the game and what to look out for.
  • A Parent’s Guide to Playing Minecraft With Your Kids – Life Hacker – This great guide covers everything from how the game controls work, things to do and fun things to try. What we like about this guide is that it assumes very little but also provides concrete ideas of things to do with your child.
  • Staying safe on Minecraft – Parent Info – This article on Parent Info focuses more on safety, privacy and age-appropriate play. This article has specific information regarding appropriate age, privacy settings, chat and the safety of Minecraft YouTube videos.

Minecraft PE Online/Server Play

Once kids have been introduced to the concept of playing with others, the next thing they want to do is find a server to play on. Servers have functionality that they’ve created like unique worlds, mini-games and rewards systems. The articles below can help you understand not only what to look for in a server, but what servers are worth considering.

Questions about your Child and Minecraft PE? Ask!

If you have a question about Minecraft PE (or Minecraft) that you can’t find an answer to, feel free to ask us. We will respond to you via email.

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