In creation MCPEHQ one of the founding principles was that we wanted to site that was safe for kids of every age. We found in exploring YouTube videos, seed and skin sites, and forums that there is no shortage of bullying, foul language, and non-gameplay related, ‘adult’ chatter.

Keeping Kid-Safe

We do our absolute best to make sure that Minecraft PE Headquarters is safe for visitors of all ages. We keep Kid safe by:

  1. Using age-appropriate language in all of our posting and communication on
  2. Using age-appropriate language in all of our posting and communication on social media and forum sites
  3. Filtering all comments by hand for foul language and any signs of bullying
  4. Creating content on a regular basis to provide a destination that Minecraft PE players of all ages can come to and enjoy new ways of exploring the MCPE universe.

Like-Minded Kid-Safe and Minecraft PE Websites

We have found the following Minecraft and Minecraft PE websites to have the same philosophy as ours. We cannot guarantee that a comment doesn’t slip through before they have a chance to remove it, but their policies indicate they are creating a productive, safe site to enjoy.

The Cyber Safety Lady

Leonie Smith hosts a great website called The Cyber Safety Lady which is a good parental reference on all things digital when safety is front-of-mind. As a web professional in Australia, she found herself giving presentations on social media, and more broadly, on cyber safety. When the demand for her cyber safety capabilities became overwhelming she made the decision to focus solely on educating the public on how to be safe online.

You can find a wealth of internet-safety resources on The Cyber Safety Lady website. For parents looking for a thoughtful take on Minecraft we recommend her article on the subject, A Parent’s Guide to Minecraft. The article was written in 2014 but is still 100% relevant. Additionally, as the game evolves and questions are posed in the comments of the article Leonie continues to provide quick responses. Here are resources we value on the site:



MineMum – A Kid-Safe Minecraft Site for Parents

This site is created by a parent for parents. MineMum’s tagline reads “MINECRAFT HELP FOR DESPERATE PARENTS”. Sound familiar? This site offers a wealth of resources. All content is clearly articulated and made specifically to help parents navigate the reality of their kids loving Minecraft. MineMum’s content includes:

  • Game Basics – Learn about Minecraft gameplay
  • Articles – Various topics including website reviews
  • How-To’s – Instructions on how to perform a variety of tasks
  • FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions – A parent’s edition
  • Mods Help – Possibly a parents biggest challenge: dealing with game mods
  • Crafts – Crafting projects and Minecraft themed party ideas
  • Blog – A catch-all for MineMum articles that are more general in nature