The Options screen in Minecraft PE allows the player to customize much of the gameplay experience. The Options screen can be reached from the splash screen as well as from the Game Options screen when playing in either Creative or Survival mode. To reach the Game Options screen when playing, click the Pause button and the Game Options screen will present itself.


The Game Options screen allows the player to make changes to general and multiplayer game settings as well as global changes including the appearance of items within the game.

  • Name – Allows the player to change their name that is visible on the splash screen. It is also the name that other players will see when playing in Multiplayer mode.
  • Xbox Live Sign In – Select this option to sign into an Xbox Live account for Multiplayer gaming.
  • Sound Volume – The sound volume slider sets the volume during gameplay.
  • Difficulty – The difficulty slider sets the difficulty level for gameplay in Survival mode. Available options are Peaceful, Easy, Normal and Hard.
  • Third Person View – Toggles between first-person and third person view.
  • Texture Packs – Presents the Manage Texture Packs screen where the Player can apply custom texture packs to the in-game environment.
  • Multiplayer Game – Allows users to join your game.
  • Broadcast to LAN – Allows users on the same LAN (Local Area Network) to join your game.
  • Broadcast to Xbox Live – Allows Xbox Live users to join your game.
  • Use Cellular Data – Toggles whether or not cellular data can be used for gameplay.


The Controls Options screen allows customization of how the the in-game GUI (Graphical User Interface) is arranged as well as the preferential setting of buttons and responses to Player actions.

  • Sensitivity – The sensitivity slider changes how the game reacts to Player actions in the game.
  • Invert Y-Axis – Inversion of the Y-Axis toggles how the game responds to looking upward and downward in the game.
  • Lefty – Swaps the placement of the in-game controls from left to right and vice versa as an option that may be preferential for left-handed players.
  • Split Controls – Places a targeting cross-hair in the center of the screen and allows tapping on any non-button control to perform actions which will apply to what the target is aimed at.
  • Swap Jump and Sneak – The Jump and Sneak buttons are reversed during gameplay.
  • Button Size – Allows scaling of the buttons available during gameplay, making them larger or smaller.
  • Auto Jump – Turns on or off the auto jump feature.
  • Keyboard Layout – Presents the Keyboard Layout screen which allows customization of the Keyboard layout.
  • Controller Layout – Presents the Controller Layout screen which allows customization of the Controller layout.


The Graphics Options screen provides the Player with a variety of options regarding the visual appearance of the game.

  • Brightness – The Brightness slider adjusts the Gamma levels of the game.
  • Render Distance – This allows the Player to determine how for from their position the environment will be rendered.
  • GUI Scale – Allows adjustment of the GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • FOV – FOV, or Field-of-Vision, toggles the Player’s field of vision.
  • Fancy Graphics – Enabling Fancy Graphics increases the level of detail of in-game elements.
  • Beautiful Skies – Enabling Beautiful Skies increases the level of detail of the sky, sun, moon and stars.
  • View Bobbing – Turns on or off the slight up-and-down movement experienced when the Player is walking or running.
  • Hide GUI [Experimental] – When enabled the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is not visible during gameplay.


Last Updated Jul 27, 2016