iOS / Apple MCPEMinecraft PE Maps are not a supported feature on iOS devices. Installing Minecraft PE maps on iOS devices is possible, however. Below we have outlined what you’ll need and the steps to install a Minecraft Pocket Edition map on your device. Before you begin, please read all the steps as well as the disclaimers at the end of the guide.

What You Will Need

  • Your iOS Device
  • Mac or PC with iFunBox Installed (downloadable online)
  • Cable to Connect the Computer and iOS Device
  • Minecraft PE Map ready for installation (you want an unzipped folder which contains the Map files and a folder named db)

Downloading Maps for iOS Minecraft PE

  • iOS devices do NOT allow direct downloads of files
  • Download the Map file you choose onto the PC or Mac that you will be using to install the Map

Using a Minecraft PE Map on an iOS Device

  1. Connect your iOS Device to your Mac or PC with the cable
  2. Close Minecraft PE on your iOS Device
  3. Open iFunBox
  4. In the left-hand menu, beneath your device name, click on App File Sharing to expand the list of applications allowing App File Sharing
  5. Click on Minecraft PE
  6. In the window on the right, open the games folder
  7. Open the com.mojang folder
  8. Open the minecraftWorlds folder
  9. Drag the Minecraft PE Map folder into the minecraftWorlds folder you just opened
  10. Quit the iFunBox application on the computer
  11. The Map is now installed on your iOS device

Playing a Minecraft PE Map You Have Installed

  1. Open Minecraft PE on your iOS Device
  2. Click Play
  3. From the Worlds Tab select the Map you installed (note: the Map may not have the same name as you are expecting as Maps can be named by their creator)
  4. You can now play the Map you installed


  • This method is not supported by Mojang, Microsoft or Apple.
  • At MCPE HQ we use this method to install Maps on iOS, but provide no support whatsoever to others who chose to do so.
  • This method, although largely harmless, does have you access the file system on your iOS device. Modifying files or folders, or deleting files or folders could harm your device.

Last Updated Aug 13, 2016