Best Minecraft PE Seeds for 2017

Top Minecraft PE Seeds 2017

We’re tracking the top Pocket Edition seeds available by month for 2017. Each month we’ll update this post with the standout seed from that calendar month.

The Best Seeds of 2017 for MCPE

Month Features Seed
Jan 2017 Double Jungle Temple WINLY
Feb 2017 Savanna Village Glitch ssick
Mar 2017 Zombie Village Takeover jfgh
Apr 2017 Mineshaft Spills over Flower Forest boomsync
May 2017 Triple Village Spawn AWXS
Jun 2017 Massive Stronghold bluebone
Jul 2017 Mansion over Infinite Mineshaft BewitchedCurse
Aug 2017 Witch Hut with a View songsfool
Sep 2017 Another Woodland Mansion KKFF
Oct 2017 Red Clay Mesa Biome Beauty OAOA
Nov 2017 Look Beneath the Igloo jpas
Dec 2017 Stronghold Spawn Seed TROTSLOW

What Makes these 2017 Seeds the Best

These seeds were picked by their popularity, rating and social sharing. Learn more about what drove these world generation codes to the top of the 2017 list below.

Jan 2017 Best Seed: Double Jungle Temple

Minecraft PE Double Jungle Temple Seed

Double Jungle Temple Seed for Minecraft PE with two spawn temples.

Best MCPE Seed for January, 2017: WINLY
Seed Number: 82598473

What more is there to say? The only thing better than a jungle temple at spawn is two jungle temples at spawn. This jungle temple seed was incredibly popular in January or 2017 and still is today.

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Feb 2017 Best Seed: A Sweet Savanna Village Glitch

Savanna Village Glitch

A savanna village and desert temple glitch seed.

Best MCPE Seed for February, 2017: ssick
Seed Number: 109734961

Seeds with glitches tend to get people’s attention. This savanna village seed is no exception. The glitch is a pretty cool one. A desert temple and a savanna village are trying to occupy the same space.
This is how things worked out!

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Mar 2017 Best Seed: Zombies Takeover Acacia Village

Zombie Village MCPE Seed

Zombies have taken over this Acacia (Savanna) Village.

Best MCPE Seed for March, 2017: jfgh
Seed Number: 3259165

Zombies took hold of this acacia village (savanna) and the seed was incredibly popular in March of 2017. The village has been completely taken over by zombies. Try this zombie village seed if you’re looking to retake a village back from the mobs.

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Apr 2017 Best Seed: Bryce Mineshaft Spills Over Flower Forest

Rails on the Flower Forest Biome

Rails from the adjacent Bryce mesa biome have flowed out onto the flower forest floor.

Best MCPE Seed for April, 2017: boomsync
Seed Number: 2007427978

Ah, the magic of world render. We love it when we find seeds like this one. In this abandoned mineshaft seed components of the mineshaft from the adjacent Bryce mesa biome have spilled out all over a flower forest biome. And, like all of our seeds, this occurred right where you spawn. In addition to rails you’ll find mineshaft corridors on the surface with flowers growing everywhere inside, mob spawners that should have rendered within a dungeon and more.

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May 2017 Best Seed: Triple Village Spawn

Villages from Above

The three villages at spawn are all in different biomes.

Best MCPE Seed for May, 2017: AWXS
Seed Number: 2022833

Single village seeds: okay. Two villages: pretty cool. Three villages: awesome. Wait, what about three villages, all of different types and each from a different biome. And, they’re all at the game spawn point! That’s what the best seed for May, 2017 has to offer. Type in the seed ‘AWXS’ and you’re good to go. Enjoy!

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Jun 2017 Best Seed: Massive Stronghold

Creeper in Stronghold - MCPE Seed

Massive Stronghold Seed for Minecraft PE

Best MCPE Seed for Jun, 2017: bluebone
Seed Number: -491213282

Get ready to fight some mobs. This stronghold seed has plenty of them. Enter the seed (bluebone). From the spawn point head inland. The village you hit within 100 blocks or so is where you need to get to. Dig beneath the well and you’ll fall right into it! Check out the original post for this stronghold seed if you want to get a better idea of where the village is (there is a screenshot taken hovering over the spawn point).

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Jul 2017 Best Seed: Mansion Over Massive Mineshaft

A mansion blocks away from spawn atop an infinitely repeating mineshaft. Requires MCPE 1.1.

Best MCPE Seed for Jul, 2017: BewitchedCurse
Seed Number: -1025886865

We didn’t see this one coming. In fact, we didn’t find this one. The best seed for July, 2017 was submitted by a fan, TelepathicGrunt. The seed sounded too good to be true: A woodland mansion with an infinite abandoned mineshaft beneath it. We fired up Pocket Edition and entered the seed to find that the seemingly impossibly cool seed was in fact real. Our biggest question about this seed is if it is the result of a glitch in 1.1 or it this incredible spawn seed is just one of those epic seeds that will work in versions to come. Time will tell!

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Aug 2017 Best Seed: Witch Hut with a View

Witch Hut and Extreme Overhang - MCPE

The witch hut in this seed has a killer view.

Best MCPE Seed for Aug, 2017: songsfool
Seed Number: 378899300

Whenever we find a witch hut, the landscape around it just doesn’t seem to be the right environment for a witch. Well, we may have finally found surroundings that make sense. This witch hut seed has some crazy overhangs in the distant mountains. For once, we can look beyond the swampy immediate environment and plan our creative or survival session.

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Sep 2017 Best Seed: Another Woodland Mansion

Woodland Mansion

Check out the video to get directions to the mansion.

Best MCPE Seed for Sep, 2017: songsfool
Seed Number: 378899300

Woodland Mansions are all the rage. See the image above. You don’t see it, do you? That’s because this mansions requires a bit of travel. We think the 700 block trek makes finding it that much more rewarding.  Of course, make it easy on yourself. Visit the write-up on this seed and watch the video so you can head straight to the mansion from game spawn.

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Oct 2017 Best Seed: Red Clay Mesa Biome Beauty

Mesa Biome with Exposed Mineshafts

Beautiful red clay meets an ocean biome in this seed.

Best MCPE Seed for Oct, 2017: OAOA
Seed Number: 2418468

Mesa biomes are the favorites of many players. The rich yellow, orange and dominant red clay landforms are a contrast to every other biome in Minecraft. When you add a blue ocean beside them, the beauty is striking. And, this seed is more than just looks. There’s plenty of rails and exposed abandoned mineshafts to explore. Be sure to pick up any gold you see along the way, too.

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Nov 2017 Best Seed: Look Beneath the Igloo

Igloo Seed for Minecraft PE

Beneath the floor of the igloo there’s a dungeon.

Best MCPE Seed for Nov, 2017: jpas
Seed Number: 3268600

Looking for a brewing stand? A witch? How about some ladders and everything you’d need to create a dungeon? Well, you’re in luck. This igloo seed has a dungeon beneath it where you’ll find all those items and more.

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Dec 2017 Best Seed: Stronghold Spawn Seed

Stronghold Zombie

One of the zombies in the stronghold’s dungeon chamber.

Best MCPE Seed for Dec, 2017: TROTSLOW
Seed Number: -1825102492

Every Minecraft player loves a surprise. This seed won’t disappoint. When you spawn you’ll be right by a village. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll find a stronghold beneath it. And, assuming you enjoy fighting zombies, you’ll get some of that too. Just explore a bit, you’ll find them.

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Last Updated: Dec 31, 2017

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