Best Minecraft PE Seeds – November 2016

The best seeds for November, 2016 are out! There are some great seeds to check out. And, there’s a common theme here: unique strucutres seem to be what Pocket Edition players were looking for during the month. Look to our complete list of Minecraft PE Seeds if you’re looking to go beyond what these five have to offer.

Seed Spawn Feature
acesaces Ocean Monument
ORANGE PEEL Stronghold
AWXS Triple Village
stersaw Jungle Village
BLUEBLOB Triple Village

acesaces: Ocean Monument Seed for MCPE

Ocean Monument

The ocean monument (requires MCPE 0.16.0+)

Seed: acesaces

The best of the best as far as Pocket Edition seeds go for November 2016 was once again an ocean monument seed. Enter ‘acesaces’ to check this one out. Don’t forget, you’ll need MCPE 0.16 or later for the ocean monument to render.

ORANGE PEEL: Stronghold Seed for Pocket Edition

Stronghold Portal Room and End Portal

Stronghold Portal Room and End Portal


It’s no surprise that stronghold seeds are getting more popular. With Minecraft PE version 0.17 they’ll be the pathway to The End. This seed, ORANGE PEEL, spawns you right by a village. What’s under that village? Of course, a stronghold. The easiest place to dig is beneath the well. You can’t miss it!

AWXS: Triple Village Seed for Minecraft PE

Triple Village Spawn

The triple village spawn is one standard village, one savanna village and one desert village.

Seed: AWXS

What’s better than a village at spawn? How about three! What made this seed so popular isn’t that the three villages are all close together. What’s special here is that each village is a different type. One is a standard village. The second is a savanna village. The third is a desert village.  This is a fan favorite seed, and we have to agree!

stersaw: Jungle Village Seed for PE

Jungle Village Seed

The jungle village is a savanna village that runs deep into the jungle.

Seed: stersaw

In this Jungle seed you get a nice surprise. Right at the spawn point, which is on the edge of the jungle biome, you’ll find a savanna village that appeared within the jungle. The village would easily be found by any explorer in creative or survival as the orange acacia wood rooftops contrast the cool, green, lush jungle.

BLUEBLOB: Minecraft PE Triple Village Seed

Over the First Village

Hovering over the first village you can see the second and third village.


The last seed of November’s 5 best is once again a triple-village seed. This one has a secret. Beneath the first village of the three there is a stronghold and end portal room (which means it aslo has an end portal). You can get into the stronghold by digging beneath the village well. If you want to try another route, enter the ground-level cave you’ll find as you approach the first village. Explore in about 50 blocks and you’ll find an exposed stone strucutre. That structure is the top of the end portal room!

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