Best Minecraft PE Seeds – December 2016

Best Minecraft PE Seeds - Dec 2016

December has come and gone and the best Minecraft PE seeds for December of 2016 are ready to share. With version 1.0 coming out in December, it’s probably not that big of a surprise that three of the top seeds have strongholds. If you’re looking for more variety than what was popular in December, check out the full seed list.

Seed Spawn Feature
padclock Stronghold
ORANGE PEEL Stronghold
professortaco Stronghold
acesaces Ocean Monument
MODEXT Bryce Mesa

padclock: Pocket Edition Stronghold

Stronghold Seed Portal Room

The stronghold’s portal room in this month’s most popular seed.

Seed: padclock

Once again, padclock, a stronghold seed for MCPE is the big winner for the month of December. Dig under the village well at spawn and you’ll find yourself in a stronghold. It won’t take you long to find the portal room. What you do from there is up to you! Just one of our collection of stronghold seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

ORANGE PEEL: Pocket Edition Stronghold/End Portal

Minecraft PE Seed - Into the Stronghold!

Into the stronghold! Our second most popular seed for December 2016.


This seed just seems to get more and more popular. Once world render has done it’s job getting to the stronghold is easy: it’s right beneath the village in the spawn chunks. Head to the well and get digging. There is a verified end portal room that is ready to take you to the end.

professortaco: Another End Portal Village

Into the Stronghold

When you fall into the Stronghold this is where you’ll land.

Seed: professortaco

End-portal seekers have this seed lighting up December views and visits. To get to the end portal room dig beneath the snow village (well). The end portal might take a few minutes to find, but it is there. The stronghold is in standard configuration, so if you’re familiar with the layout, you’ll find it fast.

acesaces: A Pocket Edition Ocean Monument

Ocean Monument

This ocean monument seed requires you to explore a bit, but it is straight ahead.

Seed: acesaces

Finding an ocean temple can take some time. Well, that’s if you don’t have an ocean monument seed like this one. Enter ‘acesaces’ and you will find yourself close to an ocean monument. When the game starts you just need to go straight to find it. Coordinates for the ocean monument are x:437 y:60 z:314.

MODEXT: Mesa Biome, Desert Temple

Mesa Seed with Desert Temple

The desert temple sits at the intersection of a Bryce mesa biome and a plains biome.


Wrapping up the best Minecraft PE seeds for December, 2015 is this beautiful Bryce mesa biome seed that features a desert temple right at the game spawn point. This is one of those seeds that is both beautiful and fruitful as the temple’s chests will reveal.

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