3 Awesome Jungle Seeds [0.14][0.15][0.16][1.0]

3 Awesome Jungle Seeds for MCPE
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There’s jungle seeds, and then there are awesome jungle seeds for Pocket Edition. These are the latter. Try any of these seeds and you will spawn in a jungle biome. Check out the top three jungle seeds from our collection:

Top Jungle Seeds for Minecraft PE

Seed Jungle Type Versions
NOODLEGIANT Giant Jungle Seed 0.14.x, 0.15.x, 0.16.x, 1.0.x
nopen Jungle (Huge) Biome 0.14.x, 0.15.x, 0.16.x, 1.0.x
RLRSKT Jungle Island Chain 0.14.x, 0.15.x, 0.16.x, 1.0.x

Giant Jungle Seed

Giant Jungle for MInecraft PE

This is the spawn point on this giant jungle seed for Minecraft PE.


This Minecraft PE jungle seed spawns you where the jungle meets water. We love the sharp, hilly elevations on this seed in particular as well as the option to explore by water or land. As far as resources go there is no shortage of wood. We also found more animals roaming around than we usually expect to see in a jungle biome.

Jungle (Huge) Biome Seed

Minecraft PE Jungle Seed

Minecraft PE Jungle Seed – This is a big one!

Seed: nopen

Like the first jungle seed we posted, this one is also spawns you in a very large jungle biome. The most noticeable difference between the two is that in this one there is far more land, and far less water. When we spawned in this jungle we couldn’t see any other biome no matter what direction we looked. Finally the terrain in this world is far flatter than the highly-varied, hilly terrain in the first seed. It all boils down to what kind of jungle you’re looking for.

Huge Jungle Island Chain Seed

Jungle Biome Seed (Island Chain)

Looking in one direction from above… It’s all jungle.


Of the three jungle seeds we’re featuring, this is by far our favorite. We can’t recall finding another long, peninsula-like jungle island chain like this on for Pocket Edition. We did a flyover in creative mode and flew for quite awhile before we reached the end of the jungle biome in either direction. Due to it’s rarity and uniqueness, we rank this jungle seed the best of the three.

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