No, they do not. Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition include the following platforms (as of today): Apple’s tvOS, Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android OS, Amazon’s Fire OS and Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. The current versions of Minecraft for all of the aforementioned platforms is what Microsoft calls the Bedrock Codebase. What about Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition?

Why? No Bedrock Codebase.

The Nintendo Switch version does not leverage the Bedrock Codebase. This means that the underlying code for the Nintendo Switch version is different than the code for editions that use the Bedrock Codebase. To that end, the algorithm that generates a world based upon a world generation seed is different, outputting a different world than one would find on PE or Windows 10. Therefore, Minecraft PE Seeds on the Nintendo Switch will not produce the same resulting world.

Do Minecraft Seeds from other Consoles work on the Nintendo Switch?

We haven’t tried it, but a developer had previously stated that the Switch version of Minecraft uses the same underlying code as the current Xbox version of Minecraft.

We will update this page as we learn more about the Switch and what seeds would be compatible with it.

Last Updated May 11, 2017