As long as both players are on a local network and can connect with one another, two players can play on the same custom Map. Here’s a step-by-step walk through:

What You Will Need

  • Two devices running compatible versions of Minecraft PE
  • A local network that both players can log in to (Wifi, for example)
  • The person hosting the game will need to have the Map installed

Joining a Minecraft PE LAN Game with a Custom Map

  1. Both players need to have their Multiplayer > Multiplayer Game option enabled
  2. The player hosting the game needs to have their Multiplayer > Broadcast to LAN option enabled
  3. Have the host player start a game with the Map both players wish to play on together
  4. The player (or players) who are joining need to start Minecraft and click the Play button
  5. From the next screen, the joining player should see a ‘1’ (or more, depending if more networked games are available) displaying on the Friends tab
  6. The joining player needs to select the Friends tab
  7. The local game will be listed as well as the name of the hosting player
  8. Select the local game

Step-by-Step: Screenshots

The steps in the screenshots below assume that the hosting player has already downloaded and installed the custom Map for their iOSAndroid or Windows 10 device.

Possible Issues

If the joining player cannot see the host’s game listed on the Friends tab, the most common reasons why include:

  • The hosing player did not enable Multiplayer Game or the Broadcast to LAN option
  • The joining player does not have the Multiplayer Game option enabled
  • One of the two players is on a different network (or no network at all)
  • The network is experiencing issues due to it’s configuration

Last Updated Aug 17, 2016