We get this question quite a bit. If you enter a Minecraft PC seed, will it generate the same world in Minecraft PE? The answer is no. There is a small nuance and that involves the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft which does run on a Windows 10 PC. Minecraft Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition are identical. So, the short answer is no. Minecraft Seeds for the PC/Mac will not generate the same world on each platform.

Why don’t Minecraft PC seeds work in Minecraft PE?

The PC version of Minecraft is written in a programming language called Java. Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) and Windows 10 Edition don’t share the same codebase or language. Windows 10 and Pocket Edition are written in a programming language called C++.

Both versions share much of the same functionality and have the same functions albeit written in a different programming language. The way that seeds are generated are by a world generation algorithm. The way seeds the respective algorithms are written doesn’t provide the same result. That is why Minecraft PE seeds and seeds for the Java, PC version of the game are not compatible.

Where to find Minecraft seeds for PC and Mac

If you’re looking for Minecraft seeds that will work on a PC or Mac we have you covered. We have a website dedicated to Minecraft PC Seeds and Minecraft Mac Seeds.

Will Minecraft PE and Minecraft PC seeds ever be compatible?

There is a good chance that seeds will be interchangeable in the future. If Microsoft and Mojang continue their path of full-parity between all versions of Minecraft (for mobile devices, consoles and desktop computers) seeds may at some future date be compatible. At the time of answer this question, however, they are not.