Items Needed | Make a Boat in Minecraft PE Step-by-Step | Use a Boat

Boats in Minecraft PE offer a fast way to travel over rivers and oceans. They were introduced in version 0.11.0. Making a boat is easy and will take less than 5 minutes. Here’s what you need to know:

Items Needed to Make a Boat

To make a boat you will need the following items:

  • 1 Crafting Table
  • 5 Wood Planks
  • 2 Wood Sticks

To craft the items above, you’ll need no less than 3 wood blocks which will then be crafted into wood planks and used to make items we need including the boat itself. One wood makes 4 wood planks.  One of the wood planks will be used to craft a stick which is used in crafting the shovel. The shovel represents a paddle and is used in the final crafting of the boat itself.

Why so many wood planks? Planks are necessary not only to create the boat but also to create the crafting table, the shovel head and stick (which become a paddle for the boat). The crafting table will require 4, the shovel head and stick will require 2 and the boat itself needs 5. That makes 11 wood planks total which would require no less than 3 wood blocks.

Pocket Edition Seed with Wood and Water at Spawn

For this tutorial we’re using a seed which has both wood and water at spawn. The seed is ‘major vrc’. In addition to wood, the seed has some cool villages, too.

Make a Boat in Minecraft PE Step-by-Step

The instructions assume you are in survival mode. If you’re in creative mode, simply go to your inventory and grab a boat!

Step 1: Chop Some Wood

Step 1: Gather Wood

Punch trees to gather wood to make the boat.

When you start out in survival mode Minecraft PE, you don’t have anything but your hands to work with. Probably the most common thing you have to do is punch trees until you get some wood. Punch away until you have gathered a no less than 3 wood blocks. If you chop down one tree you’ll have plenty that you can use to make more boats or tools.

Step 2: Make Wood Planks from the Wood

Build a crafting table by opening the crafting menu by clicking the “…” button at the right of your inventory display. You’ll want to craft a handful of wood planks. Click the Crafting Table Icon on the bottom left corner of the interface and make some planks. You can go ahead and craft all the wood you gathered into planks.

Step 2: Craft Wood Planks

Craft wood planks for the crafting table, shovel and finally the boat itself.

As mentioned earlier, we’re going to need 11 planks at a minimum.

Step 3: Make a Crafting Table

To make the remaining items, including the boat itself, create a crafting table. Once you have the planks from step 2 the items available to craft in the main window will change with items you can make with your wood planks. Click on the crafting table icon and make a crafting table.

Step 3: Make a Crafting Table

A crafting table is required to craft a wood shovel and the boat itself.


Step 4: Craft a Shovel

A wood shovel is used to make paddles for the boat. Let’s start using our crafting table. Place the crafting table on the ground and then click it to use it. Wood shovels are made from one wood plank and one stick. Craft a stick, and then click the wood shovel item, which will appear after creating the shovel, and make the wood shovel.

Step 4: Craft a Wood Shovel

Craft one stick, select the wood shovel item and craft the shovel.

Step 5: Make the Boat

At last, it’s time to make the boat itself. You now have everything you need to make the boat. The boat item now appears in the crafting menu. Click it and create the boat from the shovel you made in step 4 and wood planks from step 2.

Step 5: Make the Boat

The boat crafting recipe renders itself when selecting the boat from the available craftable items.

Using a Boat in Minecraft PE

To use the boat, you’ll be using two new interface options. But first, place the boat in the water. As you approach it a “Board” button will appear. Click it to get in the boat.

Get in the Boat

To get in the boat click the “Board” button when standing close to it.

The two new interface options are the arrows on the left and right side of the screen. They represent the left and right paddles respectively. Pressing the button on the left will paddle the boat spinning you to the right. You won’t actually move, you’re spinning in place. Pressing the button on the right will (you guessed it) paddle the boat to the left.

Moving Forward

To move forward in a direction press both paddle arrows at the same time. This creates forward movement.

Paddle the Boat

To paddle forward, depress both arrow icons (paddles) at the same time.

Getting out of the Boat

Get out of the Boat

Get out of the boat by pressing the “Leave boat” button.

To get out of the boat, click the “Leave boat” button that is present when you are in it.