About MCPE Seeds

Seeds in Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition allow a player to create a world identical to someone else’s world. When a game is started, players have the option of entering a seed from which the world generation algorithm will generate a world. When this code is not supplied the game supplies the equation with the device system’s date and time. Seeds are sometimes referred to as world generation seeds.

The beauty of this system, and the fact that Minecraft PE’s creators have shared an interface to enter seeds, is that it allows people to share seeds with aspects of the game that they find interesting.

Confusion About Where to Enter a Seed

Using seeds is easy although a bit more cumbersome in the current user interface for Minecraft PE. That confusion or lack of clarity comes from the naming of one option whens starting a game to “Generate Random”. What’s confusing is that clicking that option is the only place in the interface where you can go to use a seed. Using a seed makes the world generation anything but random.

Steps to Use Seeds for Minecraft PE

Step-by-step, here is how you use a seed. We’ll assume for now that you have a seed that you want to use and that it is compatible with the version of Pocket Edition you have.

  1. Start Minecraft PE on your device and click the Play button.
  2. With the Worlds tab selected, click the Create New button.
  3. Click the Generate Random button and set your game options.
  4. On the right-hand side, scroll down and enter the Seed in the box provided.
  5. Click the Play button on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step-by-step Screenshots

In the screenshots below we’ll follow the steps above using one of our favorites, a the city seed bigneon.  You can browse all of our seeds and pick on that you’d like to try.

Where to Get MCPE Seeds

There are many websites and forums like this one where you can find seeds to your liking. Be sure when selecting one that it is compatible with the version of Pocket Edition that you are playing. If it isn’t don’t expect the same result.

Why are there More than one Seed Code for a Seed?

This is a common question. If you look at any of the seeds we have listed on our site, we list both a seed code as well as a seed number. What’s the difference? Actually, there isn’t anything different at all about the world that will be generated. Essentially, after entering numbers or characters as a seed, Minecraft will spit out a number representing the seed which is calculated by the world generation formula. If a number is added that is in an output format recognized by the formula, it will use the number but not output a new representative number.

We list both the initial code or string of characters we entered when finding a seed as well as the seed number. We do so in the unlikely event of us mistyping one of the variations. Thus, if a player tries the numeric version when the seed version doesn’t work, they will hopefully get what they expected.

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Last Updated Apr 24, 2017