Diamonds are a rare item in Minecraft Pocket Edition. They’re often sought out to make a diamond sword or even a full diamond armor suit. Whatever the reason for looking for them, it an take some time to find them. Here’s the most straightforward ways of getting diamonds in Minecraft PE.

Method 1: Mining Diamond Ore

Mining is the primary way of finding diamonds when playing Minecraft PE in survival mode. Here’s how:

  1. Equip yourself with wood and food.
  2. Craft a wooden pickaxe
  3. Start digging downward in a stair-step pattern (in case you need to get back out)
  4. When you have gathered some cobblestone craft and switch to a stone pickaxe (to mine faster)
  5. When you find iron ore smelt it into iron ingots (this will require crafting a furnace)
  6. Craft an iron pickaxe (you’ll need this to mine diamond ore)
  7. Mine down to bedrock
  8. Search at the block height of 1 to 16 blocks above bedrock until you find diamonds
  9. Mine the diamonds with the iron pickaxe

Method 2: Diamond Seed

Diamonds can be found in chests inside villages and temples among other places. That creates another opportunity to get them.

  1. Visit the Minecraft PE Diamond Seeds category (on this site)
  2. Pick a seed that looks interesting to you
  3. Create a new game entering the seed you selected
  4. Locate the diamond ore or diamonds as instructed on the seed’s page