Added to Minecraft PE in version 0.9.0, at the time saddles couldn’t be used on horses. They didn’t exist in the game yet! Horses were added to Pocket Edition in 0.15.0 and were made tamable. Prior to their introduction, riding pigs were the only things saddles were useful for.

Can you make a saddle in Minecraft PE?

The simple answer is no. Saddles cannot be crafted in Minecraft or Minecraft Pocket Edition. So, there’s no recipe for making a saddle or instructions on how to make them. Players have to find one.

Where do you find saddles in Minecraft PE?

Minecraft PE Saddle


Since saddles can’t be crafted, the best way to get one is to find it. You can increase your chances of finding one by knowing where they can be found.

Places were saddles are commonly found:

Just because saddles can be found doesn’t mean that they will be found. The places listed below are locations where they may be found.

  1. Desert Temples
  2. Dungeons
  3. Jungle Temples
  4. Nether Fortress Chests
  5. Strongholds
  6. Villages
  7. When Fishing (saddles can be a treasure item)


MCPE Seeds with Saddles at Spawn

If you’re not interested in hunting around to find a saddle, check out these Minecraft PE Seeds that definitely have a saddle present near game spawn: