Command Blocks sound really cool (and they are). It seems like everyone who wants to learn about them is faced with the same initial question: how do I get one?

What is a Command Block?

A command block is a special type of block that can issue any of the commands that a player could issue with cheats enabled. Commands can be initiated by a variety of conditions.

Command Block Facts

  • Command Blocks do not naturally occur in either Survival or Creative Mode.
  • Command Block cannot be placed or accessed in Survival Mode
  • In Creative Mode Command Blocks are not available in the player inventory interface.
  • The only way to get a command block is by using a slash command.

How to get a Command Block in a New Minecraft PE Game

  1. Open Minecraft PE and click the Play button.
  2. Click the Create New button.
  3. Click the Generate Random button.
  4. Set Default Game Mode to Creative
  5. Enable Cheats.
  6. Set any other game options desired and click the Play button.
  7. Click the Talk/Speak icon.
  8. Type the following command:
    /give @p command_block
  9. Go to your Inventory and get the Command Block
Give command_block Minecraft PE

Getting a Command Block with the /give command.

Getting more than one Command Block

Getting one Command Block at a time isn’t going to be that productive if you’re goal is to make something even slightly ambitious. Getting many Command Blocks uses the exact same command with the additional parameter of how many you would like.

Learn how the give command works.

Example: Get 5 Command Blocks

/give @p command_block 5

Example: Get 25 Command Blocks

/give @p command_block 25
Get 25 Command Blocks Response

By simply appending ’25’ onto the get command we issued we now receive 25 command blocks instead of one.

The /give command is the only way to get command blocks, so it is a good one to get familiar with!