The benefit of horses in Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE Horse

Horses were introduced in Minecraft PE 0.15.0

Once you’ve played MCPE for a few hours, especially in survival mode, one thing will become clearly apparent: Getting around takes quite a bit of time. Whether you’re walking or running, you still move at a fairly slow clip. Horses were introduced in version 0.15.0 and changed all that. They are now among the fastest modes of travel in the game.

Where to find horses in Minecraft PE

Having trouble finding horses in Minecraft PE? Maybe it’s where you’re looking. Horses have special properties like other mobs and items that determine where they will and will not naturally spawn.

Biomes where horses spawn in Minecraft PE

  • Plains Biome
  • Savanna Biome

While it is possible to find a horse that has strayed into virtually any biome, for the most part, they will be found in the biomes that they are set to spawn in.

Seeds with Plains and Savanna Biomes

If you’re looking for a seed that has a plains or savanna biome at spawn to start your horse search, try these:

Horse Behavior in MCPE

Once you find one you’ll notice that they don’t just become your friend and follow you around. To ride a horse you’ll need to tame it and place a saddle on it. If you want to be sure you don’t lose track of your horse or horses look into crafting and using a lead as well as how to contain them by corralling them in with fences.