Villages are one of those elusive things in Minecraft PE. Sometimes when generating random seeds they seem to pop up all the time. At other times they are nowhere to be found. We’ve provided some tips for finding villages in MCPE. Another question we often get is what are the Minecraft PE biomes with villages.

Minecraft PE Types of Villages

There are currently four types of villages in Minecraft PE. Those are:

  • Desert Villages
  • Plains Villages
  • Savanna Villages
  • Taiga Villages

Biomes with Villages in Minecraft PE

One would think that would indicate that there are also four biomes in which villages can be found, but that isn’t the case. While each village type listed above does in fact almost always generate in the biome named in the type of village, in Pocket Edition they can also render in additional biomes. Biomes where villages can generate in MCPE are:

  • Cold Taiga
  • Desert
  • Ice Plains
  • Plains
  • Savanna
  • Taiga

The biome that is present at the northwest corner of the village’s well determines the type of village that is generated.

Snow Villages

Players often call the cold taiga and ice plains variant of villages ‘snow villages’.

Zombie Villages

Zombie Villages are a variant of the four main village types. Occurring in 2% of villages, zombie village construction includes cobwebs, moss stone and, of course, zombie villagers. Additionally, all the buildings in the villages lack doors and no torches are present.

MCPE HQ Village Seed Classifications

We classify village seeds in the following ways. They aren’t identical to the way that Minecraft does, but are a bit more descriptive and take into account what MCPE players call them. Those seed classifications are:


Last Updated Apr 17, 2017