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Command FAQs

Can you change the weather in Minecraft PE?

How do you find your location (coordinates) in Minecraft PE?

How do you get an Ender Dragon to appear in Minecraft PE?

How do you get Command Blocks in Minecraft PE?

What commands are available in Minecraft PE?

Crafting FAQs

How do you make (and use) a boat in Minecraft PE?

Horse FAQs

Where can you find horses in Minecraft PE?

Where do you get saddles in Minecraft PE?

Map FAQs

Are seeds and maps the same thing in Minecraft PE?

How can two players together play a Minecraft PE Custom Map Multiplayer game?

Mining and Underground

Can you grow trees underground in Minecraft PE?

How do you get diamonds in Minecraft PE?


Are there city seeds for Minecraft PE?

Do Minecraft PC Seeds work on Minecraft PE?

Do Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds work on Nintendo Switch?

How do you get the seed for your Minecraft PE World?

How do you use Minecraft PE Seeds?

Updates, Versions and Downloads

Are Free Minecraft PE APKs Legal?

When is The End and Ender Dragon coming to Minecraft PE?

When is Minecraft PE 0.16.0 coming out? [update]

What’s new in Minecraft PE 1.1?

Village and Villager FAQs

Can you Cure Zombie Villagers in Minecraft PE?

How do you find villages in Minecraft PE?

How do you trade with villagers in Minecraft PE?

Which biomes have villages in Minecraft PE?

Terminology and Slang

What does IRL mean?

What does MCPE stand for?

What is griefing in Minecraft?


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Last Updated Jun 4, 2017