Minecraft PE summon Command

Minecraft PE summon Command

The summon command spawns (creates) an entity in Minecraft PE. The command was first added to Minecraft PE in version 0.16.0. In addition to creating an entity, the entity’s spawn point can be specified if desired.

/summon Syntax

/summon <entityType: string> [spawnPos: x y z]

/summon Arguments

  • <entityType: string>
    • The entity to summon (spawn) expressed as an entity id
  • [spawnPos: x y z] (optional)
    • The x, y and z coordinates where the summoned entity should manifest.
    • Tilde notation (~) can be used as to reference the player’s current location.


  • Success: The entity is summoned. If a valid location is provided, the entity spawns at those coordinates. If no spawn position is specified, the entity is summoned at the x, y, z coordinates of the summoner.
  • Failure: If the command is malformed or lacks a valid entity no entity is summoned.

Usage Notes

  • To use the summon (or any other command) in Minecraft PE cheats must be enabled.


Summon a blaze at your current location

/summon blaze

Summon a ghast at 10, 80, 111

/summon ghast 10 80 111

Summon tnt to 194, 153, 900

/summon tnt 194 153 900

Summon an enderman to your current location

/summon enderman


  • Introduced: 0.16.0

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