Minecraft PE spawnpoint Command

Minecraft PE spawnpoint Command

The spawnpoint command sets the game spawn point for specific players in Minecraft PE. The command was first added to Minecraft PE in version 0.16.0.

/spawnpoint Syntax

/spawnpoint [player: target] [spawnPos: x y z]

/spawnpoint Arguments

  • [player: target] (optional)
    • The player or players whose spawn point are to be changed.
    • Target selectors may be used.
    • If not set the command defaults to the player issuing the command.
    • When used in a command block the argument is required.
  • [spawnPos: x y z] (optional)
    • The x, y and z coordinates expressed as valid integers
      • Tilde (~) notation may be used to indicate a location or locations relative to the player or players specified.
    • If not supplied the command defaults to the player(s) current position(s).


  • Success: The game spawn point is set for the player or players specified.
  • Failure: If the command is malformed, no valid players can be resolved, or a non-numeric or invalid x, y or z  coordinate is supplied the command fails and the spawn point remains at the location it was set to before the attempt to update it.

Usage Notes

  • To use the spawnpoint (or any other command) in Minecraft PE cheats must be enabled.
  • When used in a command block [player: target] is required.


Set the spawn point for your user playing at your current location


Set the spawn point for a player named Bingo to 200, 45, 124

/setworldspawn Bingo 200 45 124


  • Introduced: 0.16.0

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