Minecraft PE msg Command

Minecraft PE msg Command

The msg command sends a private message to one or more players via chat in Minecraft PE. The command was first added to Minecraft PE in version 0.16.0. The msg command has two aliases that function with the exact same syntax. Those aliases are /tell and /w.

/msg Syntax

/msg <recipient: target> <message: string>

/msg Arguments

  • <recipient: target>
    • The player or players to send the private message to.
  • <message: string> (optional)
    • The chat message to be sent.


  • Success: The message is sent privately to the specified players in the game.
  • Failure: If a target selector is used in the message string and none of the targets are currently playing the game, the command fails.

Usage Notes

  • To use the msg (or any other command) in Minecraft PE cheats must be enabled.


Send a private message to the player MCPEHQ in a game saying “Will you please just kill that Ender Dragon?!”

/msg MCPEHQ Will you please just kill that Ender Dragon?!


  • Introduced: 0.16.0

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