Minecraft PE give Command

Minecraft PE give Command

The give command gives a player or players items in Minecraft PE. The command was first added to Minecraft PE in version 0.16.0.

/give Syntax

/give <player: target> <itemName: string> [amount: int] [data: int]

/give Arguments

  • <player: target>
    • The player or players whom the item or items should be given to. Accepts player names as well as target selectors.
  • <itemName: string>
    • The item to be given.
  • [amount: int] (optional)
    • How many of the item should be granted to the player or players indicated.
    • If not supplied, this defaults to 1.
  • [data: int] (optional)
    • Item data for the item.


  • Success: The player or targets specified are granted the item or items specified by the command.
  • Failure: If the command is malformed or no valid players have been specified no items are granted to any players.

Usage Notes

  • To use the tp (or any other command) in Minecraft PE cheats must be enabled.


Give a player named TitoMan a torch

/give TitoMan torch

Give the closest player 5 torches

/give @p torch 5

Give a player named NotFrank 30 command blocks

/give NotFrank command_block 30


  • Introduced: 0.16.0


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