Minecraft PE help Command

Minecraft PE help Command

The help command shows all available commands in Minecraft PE. It can also be used to show the usage syntax for any available command. The command was first added to Minecraft PE in version 0.16.0. The command can only kill items if they are loose.

/help Syntax

/help [page or command name]


/? [page or command name]

/help Arguments

  • [page] (optional)
    • The page number (as an integer) of help to view.
    • When nothing is supplied the first page is used as the default value.
  • [command name] (optional)
    • The command to view help for.
    • When nothing is supplied the list of available commands is displayed.


  • Success: When the command succeeds, the user is presented with the list of commands available (and the page if specified) or help for the command specified.
  • Failure: The command fails if a command is supplied and it does not exist. If a page is specified and its value is higher than the highest available page, the highest available page is displayed.

Usage Notes

  • To use the help (or any other command) in Minecraft PE cheats must be enabled.


View available commands




View the third page of help commands

/help 3


/? 3

View help for the kill command

/help kill


/? kill


  • Introduced: 0.16.0

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