Minecraft PE

Welcome to Minecraft PE HQ. Our focus: to provide the best Minecraft PE seeds for all Minecraft Bedrock Edition devices for Windows 10, iOS, Android, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Beyond that focus on Seeds, we also keep up with Minecraft Pocket Edition News and do our best to answer community questions in our FAQ section. We also make special posts about top seeds, seed categories and collections and other random fun things. You can find those in our Best of PE section. We'll continue to expand that focus to other facets of MCPE over time.

Seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition by Feature

To find a seed for Minecraft Bedrock Edition with a specific feature, choose from the drop-down menu below.

Minecraft PE Seeds: Now for Windows 10, iOS, Android, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

With the release of the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft (Minecraft PE 1.2), Minecraft PE Seeds are now simply Minecraft Seeds and can be played on Windows 10, iOS, Android, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch! If a seed is listed as compatible with version 1.2 or later, it will work on any Bedrock Edition platform!

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE, also known more formally as Minecraft: Pocket Edition, or simply as MCPE, is the mobile game version of the hit sandbox game Minecraft. More information can be found at the official Minecraft website, minecraft.net.

Minecraft PE
Created by Mojang AB (mojang.com)
Platforms Apple iOS, Google Android, Amazon FireOS, Windows 10, Xbox One
Game Rating 4.5/5 stars (283 reviews)
Audience Age 4+

MCPE Seed List

We have Minecraft PE Seeds for just about anything you can think of. For the most part the seeds that you find here are originals - we found them. Occasionally we get a submission on our Facebook page or through other sources that we will post.

All seeds on this site are broken down by what you'll find at the game spawn point as well as what version of Minecraft PE you can expect the seeds to be compatible with. All seeds are for Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition. Seeds for the PC and consoles use a different formula (rendering them incompatible).